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Editor: Chiu, Melissa
Publisher: Asia Society, April 2012
Format: HC, 231pp
Region: East Asia
Country: China
This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibibition "Revolutionary Ink: The Paintings of Wu Guanzhong" on view at Asia Society in NY, April 25 - August 5, 2012.

Wu Guanzhong (1919–2010) stands as one of the most important artists of twentieth-century China. He was highly prolific both in oil and ink painting and is well known for his eloquent writings on art and creativity. This exhibition comprises more over 50 paintings spanning the mid-1970s to 2004 that focus on his best works in the medium of ink.

The exhibition and publication trace the development of Wu’s work, and emphasizes his radical individual approach to the medium of ink painting and how it went against the trend at a time when most artists were looking to western art as a model. The publication reinforces Wu’s legacy as a modern master who pushes the boundaries of our understanding of how a traditional medium of ink can be made new for a new century. The catalogue includes essays by leading Chinese and American scholars as well as selections from essays by the artist translated for the first time into English.

Revolutionary Ink: The Paintings of Wu Guanzhong is organized by Asia Society Museum and the Shanghai Art Museum, one of China’s leading cultural institutions to which the artist gave many of his works. The exhibition is curated by Melissa Chiu of Asia Society and Lu Huan of Shanghai Art Museum.
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Revolutionary Ink: The Paintings of Wu Guanzhong 9780878481149$60.00