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Modern Poetry of Pakistan

Price: $16.95
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Author: Arif, Iftikhar & Khwaja, Wagas
Publisher: Dalkey Archive Pr, Jan 2011
Format: Pbk, 16.95pp
Region: South Asia
Country: Pakistan
Modern Poetry of Pakistan brings together not one but many poetic traditions indigenous to Pakistan, with 142 poems translated from seven major languages, six of them regional (Baluchi, Kashmiri, Panjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, and Sindhi) and one national (Urdu). Collecting the work of forty-two poets and fifteen translators, this book reveals a society riven by ethnic, class, and political differences-but also a beautiful and truly national literature, with work both classical and modern, belonging to the same culture and sharing many of the same concerns and perceptions.(BIP)