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May 3 - 14: Asian American Designer Showcase
Designer Appearances 12-3:30 pm

AsianAm Designers

AsiaStore Celebrates Asian Pacific American Month with expanded collections of jewelry, apparel, accessories and home accents by featured Asian American designers, many of whom will be on hand to demonstrate their artistry and discuss the design inspiration that influenced their latest collections.

May 3 Lisa Hodsdon Kokeshi Doll Painting
May 6 Dat Tran Silk Scarf Tying
May 7 & 8 Rita Chung Jade Jewelry Design
May 9 Deepika Prasad Pearl Jewelry Design
May 10 Azin Valy Cityzen Silk Fashion Design
May 13 Charlene Wang Chinese Tea Tasting
May 14 Richard Tsao Thai Silk Fashions

Lisa Hodsdon
Kokeshi Doll Painting
Lisa Hodsdon is a Japanese-American artist who specializes in painting and design. Her mother is from Hachinohe, Japan and father from Idaho. Many years of travel and inspiration from the American and Japanese cultures have helped her grow as an artist.

The designs for the Hodsdonís dolls blend naturally together with the use of color and the interpretations from the traditional Kokeshi dolls. Each Kokeshi doll is unique with special attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. See all products designed by Lisa Hodsdon

Dat Tran
Silk Scarf Tying
Inspired by the beauty of hand woven and hand dyed silk fabrics on his journeys to the Far East, Vietnamese American designer Dat Tran pursues his vision of producing collections of uniquely designed scarves and accessories that integrate handmade silk fabrics, high fashion and jewelry. The natural, luxurious silk yarns are meticulously raised and cultivated in remote villages of Vietnam by small communities of highly skilled silk farmers and weavers. Fabrics are then woven on antique looms, hand dyed and hand crafted by local artisans. See all products designed by Dat Tran

Rita Chung
Jade Jewelry Design
A connoisseur of jewelry, designer Rita Chung believes that colorful gems bring out oneís energy, while Chinese knots unite the natural elegance. A native of Macau, Rita currently resides in San Francisco where she says the energy enhances her creativity and keeps her on top of the latest trends Rita's inspiration comes from the feeling and energy she gets from the stones, resulting in the creation of a unique design, given that each stone has its own character. Her multicultural background has combined Eastern and Western flavors into the designs that range from demure to bold. Her designs are all limited editions and individually handmade. See all products designed by Rita Chung

Deepika Prasad
Pearl Jewelry Design
Deepika Jain Prasad grew up in Tokyo amidst her family's pearl trade, created to pursue the most exceptional of these lustrous treasures of the sea. With a vision to transform pearl design. Deepika presents a new perspective on an old classic. Unconventional materials are playfully blended, resulting in an urban and chic look. Deepika travels regularly to Japan where she personally selects each pearl taking into account the intricacies involved in determining luster, shape, color, size, and grading of a compelling pearl. See all products designed by Deepika Prasad

Azin Valy
Cityzen Silk Fashion Design
Azin Valy is an Iranian-American Architect and Designer based in New York City. She is the founder of Cityzen by Azin, a luxury fashion brand with a global consciousness. The Cityzen collection incorporates highly customized satellite maps of cities from around the world on the finest silks, satins and leather to create beautifully crafted apparel and accessories, allowing forms to follow topography. Azin invites consumers from around the world to become silent ambassadors of dialogue through fashion, transcending physical and mental borders. Each Cityzen item is accompanied by a pamphlet promoting various points of interest within each city including the arts, architecture, food, literature, music, film, as well as a cause for the featured city. The spark for Cityzen by Azin was ignited when Azinís award winning Architecture firm, I-Beam Design, was nominated for an exhibition on urban planning at the Museum of Modern Art. Inspired by stunning views of cities from above and merging fashion with social entrepreneurship led to the creation of Cityzen by Azin.

Cityzen expresses Azinís driving belief that the arts can bridge differences and taking the long view brings our commonality into focus. See all products designed by Azin Valy

Charlene Wang
Chinese Tea Tasting
Charlene Wang is the founder of Tranquil Tuesdays, a socially consious Beijing-based company committed to empowering women and making artisanal tea and teaware. Tranquil Tuesdays works to bring back ancient tea traditions by working closely with farmers in rural China, to cultivate the best naturally grown tea in the country, and with young designers from Jingdezheng, the home of fine Chinese pottery. Wang describes Tranquil Tuesdays as "taking a very classical, traditional, ancient art and give it a kind of contemporary twist. We aim to make a fresh vision of what it means to be Chinese." See all products designed by Charlene Wang

Richard Tsao
Thai Silk Fashions
Born and raised in Bangkok, of Chinese descent, Tsao cultivated an early appreciation for tailoring and fine silks from his motherís array of custom made cheong sam dresses. Inspired by the exquisite beauty of Thai silk and the way it illuminates the wearer, his simple and classic designs incorporates subtle details from Southeast Asian and Chinese traditional garments. See all products designed by Richard Tsao