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AsiaStore' Asian American Designer Showcase<br>

AsiaStore Celebrates Asian Pacific American Month with expanded collections of jewelry, apparel, accessories and home accents by featured Asian American designers.

Kiyomi Yamagishi  Jewelry Design
Dat Tran  Silk Scarf Tying
Mousumi Shaw  Jewelry Design
Rafe Totengco  Handbag Design
Sharmilla Persaud  Jewelry Design
Harshita Lohia Silk Scarf Design
Rita Chung  Jade Jewelry Design

Kiyomi Yamagishi
Jewelry Design
Born in Nagano Japan, Kiyomi grew up surrounded by mountains. One day her grandfather gave her gemstone pebbles as a gift, opening the door to “Jewelry Art”. From that day on, she looked to recreate the shapes and inspirations she took away from nature, reinterpreted through her own perception. Years later, after moving to New York, a city driven by diversity, she came to realize that, “we are all parts of Nature”. Her mission is to encourage a “Happy” lifestyle through her hand-made art ware and spread the joy that she receives from the natural world. See all products designed by Kiyomi Yamagishi

Dat Tran
Silk Scarf Tying
Inspired by the beauty of hand woven and hand dyed silk fabrics on his journeys to the Far East, Vietnamese American designer Dat Tran pursues his vision of producing collections of uniquely designed scarves and accessories that integrate handmade silk fabrics, high fashion and jewelry. The natural, luxurious silk yarns are meticulously raised and cultivated in remote villages of Vietnam by small communities of highly skilled silk farmers and weavers. Fabrics are then woven on antique looms, hand dyed and hand crafted by local artisans. See all products designed by Dat Tran

Mousumi Shaw
Jewelry Design
Sikara is Modern Fusion Jewelry and is a reflection of Mousumi Shaw’s life as a first generation Indian-American. Sikara is inspired from the Indian word, Shikara, which means houseboat. It symbolizes the journey we take in life which results in a fusion of experiences. . Mousumi travels the world, where she works with her team of inspirational designers to create international collections. Although her ancestral roots are from India, Mousumi has been influenced by a multi-cultural world. Her travel and life experiences in over thirty countries have become engrained in her personality, her sense of style and the design of Sikara. "Fusion" represents our lives in today's world. It is a blend of our past heritage and a new modern spirit. See all products designed by Mousumi Shaw

Rafe Totengco
Handbag Design
Skilled in balancing style and function, Rafe Totengco’s accessories blend an uptown sophistication with a downtown edge that never goes out of style. A designer who knows how to meld quality with style and comfort with function, Rafe’s latest collection is fresh and exciting, crafted using the finest materials and techniques that meet his high standards and fierce attention to detail. A Rafe accessory always adds a finishing "exclamation point" to a fashionable ensemble. See all products designed by Rafe Totengco

Sharmilla Persaud
Jewelry Design
Millianna combines a delicate and feminine sensibility with strong, contemporary design. Inspired by fashions and personages of ages past, Millianna accessories are the perfect adornments for those who prefer a sophisticated and worldly aesthetic, delivered in both design and color palette. Millianna is ageless and timeless and while we observe popular culture, our pieces will always serve the distinction of being unique and created with a confident woman in mind. Millianna is the creation of Sharmilla Persaud and Arianna Brooke (the name Millianna being a combination of their first names). Both lovers of history, design and fashion, accessories were a natural incarnation of their combined passions. The friends met while working at BCBG Max Azria in 1995 and have again joined their complimentary professional and creative strengths to create Millianna. See all products designed by Sharmilla Persuad

Harshita Lohia
Silk Scarf Design
Harshita’s interest in arts and crafts came from her grandmother in Kolkata India. A sixth generation native of Kolkata, now residing in Philadelphia, Harshita’s designs and use of color are take inspiration from nature, manmade structures, symbols from Indian culture and simple geometrical forms. Her textile creations start with a thoughtfully crafted pattern with the final design carved into wooden blocks. Silk is hand-dyed to create an even background before the layering of textures. After the detailed texture-creation process, main motifs are hand printed on chiffon, crepe, georgette and charmeuse silk resulting in wearable art that represents her rich heritage and her unique blending east and west. See all products designed by Harshita Lohia

Rita Chung
Jade Jewelry Design
A connoisseur of jewelry, designer Rita Chung believes that colorful gems bring out one’s energy, while Chinese knots unite the natural elegance. A native of Macau, Rita currently resides in San Francisco where she says the energy enhances her creativity and keeps her on top of the latest trends Rita's inspiration comes from the feeling and energy she gets from the stones, resulting in the creation of a unique design, given that each stone has its own character. Her multicultural background has combined Eastern and Western flavors into the designs that range from demure to bold. Her designs are all limited editions and individually handmade. See all products designed by Rita Chung