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The Last Days of Old Beijing<!--nosearch-->

Price: $16.00
Member Price: $14.40
Author: Meyer,M
Publisher: Walker & Co., 5/09
Format: Pbk, 384pp
Region: East Asia
Country: China
"Soon we wiil be able to say about old Beijing that what emperors, warlords, Japanese invaders, and Communist planners couldn't eradicate, the market economy has." Nobody has been more aware of this than Michael Meyer. A longtime resident, Meyer has, for the past two years, lived as no other westerner-in a shared courtyard home in Beijing's oldest neighborhood, Dazhalan, on one of its famed hutong (lanes). There he volunteered to teach English at the local grade school and immersed himself in the community, recording with affection the life stories of the Widow, who shares his courtyard; co-teacher Miss Zhu and student Little Liu; and the migrants Recycler Wang and Soldier Liu; among the many others who, despite great differences in age and profession, make up the fabric of this unique neighborhood.-Walker & Co. (hardcover edition)