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Click to enlargeGlass, Gilding and Grand Design:

Price: $29.95
Member Price: $26.95
Author: Demange,F
Publisher: Asia Society, 2/07
Format: Pbk, 48pp
Region: Central Asia
Country: Iran
Glass, Gilding, and Grand Design: Art of Sasanian Iran (224-642) presents masterpieces illustrating the splendor of the court arts of the Sasanian dynasty, which ruled the ancient Near East from the third through seventh centuries. The extraordinary luxury of the court will be represented by gilded silver plates with royal imagery, vessels decorated with dancers and musicians, precious glass wares, silk and fine wool textiles, luxurious arms, carved gems, and seals. Bronze plates, stucco panels, and mosaics will provide broader insight into the arts of this once flourishing empire.
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