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Feb 10th- The Iran Challenge: Power, Politics, and U.S. Policy

In the midst of international diplomacy over Iran's controversial nuclear program, the US and its allies are intensifying sanctions against the country. The aftermath of Iran's disputed 2009 election and growing violations of human rights are adding fuel to the fire, resulting in deeper hostilities with the outside world than at any time since the revolution's early days. The stakes—and consequences—are greater than ever.

Join us as the Asia Society and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) convene a panel of leading experts to explore the defining forces in Iran today and the future of US-Iran relations. Is Iran moving towards a "military dictatorship?" What is the status of the opposition movement? Is Iran's economy on the precipice of collapsing? Are the sanctions working? Is a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue possible? Is the "military option" still on the table? What are the big decisions facing the Obama administration in the coming year and beyond? More information on event