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The China Strategy: Harnessing the Power of the World's <br>Fastest-Growing Economy<!--nosearch-->

Price: $26.95
Member Price: $24.25
Author: Tse,E
Publisher: Basic Books, 3/10
Format: HC, 256pp
Region: East Asia
Country: China
Chinas hundreds of thousands of businessmen and women are driving the fastest sustained national economic growth rate of any country in world historyeven in these troubled times. This makes China both one of the most important locations for new business opportunities and a key component in any global business plan. But no one book has presented the many confusing and intricate levels of the Chinese business environment: the intensity of consumers and businesses aspirations, the sometimes contradictory plans of the government, the contrasting environments of city and town, of coast and inland.Here, for the first time, Booz China Managing Director Edward Tse parses the Chinese landscape, walking the reader through the Chinese business environment, the effects of Chinese economic power on worldwide business, and how the two mesh and interact.The China Strategyis the only book youll need to do business in China, with China, or in competition against China. (BIP)