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Click to enlargeThe Poet Game: a novel

Price: $17.00
Member Price: $15.30
Author: Abdoh, Salar
Publisher: Picador, April 2001
Format: Pbk, (revised edition), 240pp
Region: Central Asia
In the wake of the first World Trade Center bombing, New York City is the center of an intricate web of betrayals and double-crosses in the shadowy world of Muslim radicals. Sami Amir arrives in Brooklyn via Iran, and into a world of militants, arms suppliers, and spies. He is a counter-intelligence agent from a branch of the Iranian Ministry of Security. The son of an American mother, he has always stood apart from his fellow men. Now, because of his background, he is sent to New York to investigate rumored terrorist plots that are to culminate with further violence around Christmas and New Year's, two weeks away.(BIP)